Human Brain VS Computer, Which Smarter?

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Electronics develops at an astonishingly swift speed. Their prices, no matter complicated types like laptops, desktops or cell phones or some simple ones for example RC toys and MP3, are dropping day by day. However, functions of electronics device become more and more versatile, especially computers.

According to one article from The New York Times, since the start of the year, a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has been fine-tuning a computer system which could master semantics similar to human beings. Although the research has made an impressive progress, the language system they study, called NELL (Never-Ending Language Learning system) still needs human assistance to handle some high complexity of programs.

Electronic computing devices best human brain in high channel capacity, long-lasting working efficiency, fast and precise computing performance or other tasks which can be crisply defined. However, they have zero or low capability of comprehensive evaluation of the situation, unraveling semantics, and offering practical, alternative solution.

Human brains' intelligence is still unbeatable today. It helps us to understand the meaning of words and phrases hinging not only on their context, but also on background knowledge that we have learned for years. In comparison to electronics, a human brain generally could:

* React to unexpected events

* Utilize temporal and spatial concepts to study pieces of information, analyze their relation and organize into an integrated whole

* Offer alternative method when the original failed

* Provide creative ideas or designs

We humans have strived to creating a computing electronics which could act as intelligently as ourselves for years, but still no perfect result. Human brain and computer each have pros and cons. The most practical way to conquer their defects most people think is to combine and use. For intelligence, human brain has absolute advantages. But as to working efficiency, we couldn't defeat computers. Having the super computer in the movie Resident Evil still needs our effort and persistence.

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Human Brain VS Computer, Which Smarter?

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This article was published on 2010/10/20