Human Factor Intelligence to Corporate Success

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According to a recent study published by the UNDP, human factors play a pivotal part in the overall efficiency of organizations and become the sole harbinger for success both in terms of personal performance as well as increments in the stock price. Millions of dollars are spent each year in honing and drafting techniques that circulate the warmth of passion, exuberate excellence and create an ambiance of a tier one corporation culture. GE, IBM, Dell, and even Hitachi are known for the quality of the people that work in the corporation and ensure that their employees are taken care of. There are no exceptions to the rules. People who achieve are the ones that get the privileges, honors and the certifications. Hundreds of people have retired from these corporations alone giving their entire life, ethics, and belongings to create that niche in the market that would not have been possible otherwise.

The most critical element that is behind the success is human ingenuity. There is no other passionate objective that is so lethal in the overall performance of teams, corporations and even the largest organizations spanning all the continents. Human ingenuity is the science that allows people to think, observe, create and improve. The oil that drives these results is a fresh and clear mind, financial stability, health and passion for change. People have to be ignited with the hope that they are capable to change the very elements and infrastructure today. Without change, trains would not be going faster and every one would have been on the horses up till date.

All the research and scientific results commit that human ingenuity is in built. It can not be duplicated. Variances of this can be achieved and a spark can be embedded. But the truthful verdict of life delves into this being a built in function. Different universities and colleges around the world have tried to simulate the environment in which mankind has performed exceptionally well. One of the standard notions is that the person and his in built qualities had been the centripetal force of excellence. Scenarios, advise, probabilities and statistics were a common second denominator in this equation.

Corporations that thrive on human ingenuity have to tap into the source to conclude if that person can truly gauge and take on the responsibility. Corporations require people that can take on the challenges as well as have a strong will power to make decisive decisions. A survey report conducted last year by MIT stated that wrong decisions and abrupt analysis has played havoc with the systems and have caused for millions of dollars of loss. Simple people at the wrong time at the wrong place have become the turn around and win-loss game differentiators.

Irrespective of the notions and the verdict, corporations are still hiring consultants and HR gurus to conduct surveys, lectures and work shops to predict the harmony and cultural values and justify that human ingenuity can be sparked. There is ample proof that training does suffice for the onslaught and provide the means and the tools to predict better outcomes. MBA degrees and specialization certifications in leadership and management has done wonders for companies like Sony and Motorola. Several of the largest oil companies in the world have been successful in deploying quality training online. Airline corporations need to ensure that the customer satisfaction trainings are in line and provide the mentality and drive force that is missing. All stories lead to one moral objective - better human ingenuity.

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Human Factor Intelligence to Corporate Success

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This article was published on 2010/04/02