Nostradamus' prediction Jibankrishna the Universal man and my future vision

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Out of curiosity one day I was searching in the websites on Nostradamus' predictions for 21st Century on spiritualism and I was overwhelmed with surprised seeing some of his quatrains which completely corroborate the phenomenon of Jibankrishna(Diamond), his discussions as well as many of my visions on Jibankrishna's new concept of universal religion spreading throughout the world.

Before narrating my future visions through dreams, a few interesting quatrains are given with some interpretations as learnt from Jibankrishna or Diamond, my God-the-Preceptor.

Nostradamus used to see the visions through a state of trance from where his pure consciousness used to act on his mind. The theory lies in the fact that this human brain is the carbon copy of this whole Universe including past, present and future. Man is Brahma or Supreme Being in a hidden state within him. It manifests within the human body spontaneously. And when it does, the human brain is transformed into pure consciousness when these revelations take place, as happened in my case by the grace of God-the-Preceptor Jibankrishna or Diamond.

In a pure mind these revelations about past and future occur spontaneously, both about spiritual and material aspects, as happened in case of Nostradamus. This is not a miracle but a natural process and innate in a man. When we don't know the reason, we call it miracle.

The ongoing chapters are not for the final conclusion about the corroboration between Nostradamus' predications on spiritual aspects and new spiritual phenomenon encircling Jibankrishna (Diamond) or my future visions, but this should be taken from analytical point of view as we have to wait and see.

                                                      Chapter - 1

In Century 1-48 Nostradamus mentions :

                        When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed,

                        another will take up his reign for seven thousand years,

                        When the exhausted sun takes up his cycle

                        Then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.

Here one of the esoteric meaning is like thus :

In one sense moon represents Bhakti Cult according to Hindu scriptures, which means dualism. Sun represents knowledge – knowledge of oneness or oneism. In oneism there exists only God and that God exists nowhere except this human body in the form of scattered life power, and this life power through the Susumna nerve gets concentrated in the seventh plane or the cerebrum and seen as God's light or Atma or great Soul.

He who visualizes this Atma in full form is transformed into God and then becomes the Soul of every human being. He is then seen by myriads of people in dreams, trances, meditation transforming them into one with him. This is the knowledge of oneness, and the man exists so long the human race exists. In other word he becomes immortal.

Here the term ‘twenty years' has been revealed in one of my dream thus:

On 24.11.2009 I had a strange dream which is as such :

A Far Future – Travel by Spaceship with more than light speed to other Solar Planet meeting aliens and Diamond's invasion

November 24, 2009. Thursday.

88) Early morning dream: I saw myself sitting in a spaceship along with some unknown people. I had no idea where I was going and why I was taken. It seemed to me as if the spaceship was running with more than light speed, but through the  transparent, large windows I could see the unnatural scene outside full of meteors, stars, planets etc. I felt that they were moving very slowly. It was really a strange journey.

However, within a few moments I saw myself in another place which seemed to me to be a place of unnatural scene and in another solar world. At that time I couldn't other passengers but felt the existence of the habitats of that planet. They were not distinct, but I was feeling their existence. Then I saw myself sitting in a lonely place and the name of Jibankrishna (Diamond) was continuously uttered from my mouth enveloping the whole place.

After a while I realized that they decided to take me back to our world. Accordingly one of them told me in telepathic language, ‘We shall take you back to your own world, but you know that in the meantime twenty years have passed in your world.' I felt no difficulties in understanding their telepathic language as I had the same experiences in telepathic language in my previous dreams.

One thing I was realizing that these aliens seemed to be advance by thousands of years in every aspect and at the same time, very wise, and modest. They talked to me also in a very modest way.

However, they sent me back to my home and when I entered into my house I realized that long time had passed. The elder members of the family passed away. I saw my grandson (my nephew's son) inside a room. Seeing me he exclaimed, ‘Grandpa, where had you been for so long years? But you are not changed at all! What has happened you know? Your works on Jibankrishna (Diamond) have achieved a great publicity among the people throughout the world.'

I understand the sense of his saying that though the cosmic time took a few seconds according to our world time, it took twenty years and for this reason he saw no change in me as I was a time traveler.

Another interesting thing was that my grandson was at the present moment twelve years in reality, but in the dream I saw him thirty two years as I returned after twenty years.

[The dream carries a lot of meanings to me instantly.

1. The sound ‘Jiban' means ‘Life' which is cosmic. In many of my previous dreams, this sound emerged from my brain enveloping the whole universe. The effect of such dream is seen now-a-days among the people of different parts of the world.

2. The dream gave a clear indication of the future world.

3. After many years when human race will reach the zenith of science and technology, such type of spaceship will be discovered and we can have time travel to reach other solar worlds.

4. Telepathic language may be used after long, long years.

5. When human race will reach the zenith of knowledge, they will become such wise, modest with pure consciousness like the habitats of the other solar world seen in my dream.

6. There is every possibility of the existence of habitats in other solar worlds.

I understand one thing that whatever is in our brain is projected outside and we see these things. Whatever is discovered on earth was inside human brain.

The dream also revealed that my brain cells are now exposed on these aspects like spaceship, telepathic language which means that these are exposed within the whole human race. Atma or Great Soul is one. So whatever is exposed in a man it will be exposed within the whole human race.

After four days I got a confirmation from a news paper cutting that the Deputy Director of Academy of Science (Space Research Center), Bulgaria has made a comment that there are existence of aliens, but after10-15 years even if we can communicate them, we have to do it through telepathic language.

Let's wait and see what happens in future.

This quatrain has such meaning that so long the sun exists, a Great Prophet will exist illuminating his knowledge of oneness discarding the dualism in the spiritual world.

Jibankrishna forecasted as such on April 26,1958:

I am a human being. I am one and at the same time I am many whenever you are seeing my form within you. And to become many is not conveyed by me. On the contrary, you are informing me that you are seeing me within you.

The form of mine which is created within you, is no other than God. Then all of us are becoming one. Where is the duality? Everything is one and this can be explained very easily through one unit.

After 500-700 years later, those who have these experiences, this phenomenon will continue in their families. Even after that how this culture will grow, cannot be concluded. Again many will experience these through your contact. And this way this phenomenon may spread.

On 5th July, 1958 he forecasted:

This phenomenon can be defined as seeing the form of living person within a human body. We have understood that this human being is the truth and this is the zenith. Now who is that person? Still now we have not conceived why it is happening and what will happen in future.

In far future this phenomenon will spread and then you will get your answer.

Chandogya Upanishad has mentioned on this aspect :

 As long as the sun shall rise in the east and set in the west, so long will he compass the over lordship and the Chief sovereignty of the Vasus (3.6.4). Here ‘he' means the Purusha or the great Person who has visualized great Soul or Atman and is transformed into God.

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Nostradamus' prediction Jibankrishna the Universal man and my future vision

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