Should Women Run Human Civilizations

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Some psychologists predict men may become too confrontational to run human civilizations and political structures and this very topic was recently considered by an Online Think Tank; why you ask? Well, the topic was taken up due to the physical pleasure men get in disagreeing, arguing and fighting over ridiculous issues of no real importance to the on-going vitality of the state.

One recent Think Tank Participant noted that women enjoy dialogue simply for the conversation and they feel physically happy when they reach agreement. Although some debate these psychological theories, there is sufficient evidence to confirm at least the need for more study on the concept. If men argue and cause conflict and women are uniters of such then well the implications of this are to allow Women to run human civilizations?

Well, you know human civilizations have been run by women before; Ancient Scotland and in the Amazon. India has a leader who is a woman, they seem to be doing fine; 1.1 Billion humans. Sometimes I believe the reason for human politics is to set the stage for the showdown of human debate; sound and fury, without destroying the nation over dictator style murdering tactics of kings of days gone by?

But when that cavern becomes too great to cross due to ego and primate politics in pure Machiavellian form there are issues. Too men due to this nature of conflict, could be said to be somewhat dangerous with mass weaponry, which is kind of an issue for the on-going intent of the human species. Yet realize that only 1% of the people who have ever lived have died in a war. Nevertheless, humans should work to move beyond such conflicts? Of course you are thinking, still war is hell and it needs to stop, as killing ones own species in both juvenile and barbaric.

So, since women can get along better, should they be running human civilization instead? Let the women run things and the men go play their sports and act out their manhood desires within their innate Alpha Male genetic displacement? You decide, as our Online Think Tank had a field day with the concept actually.

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Should Women Run Human Civilizations

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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